Tuesday, December 23, 2008

REPORT: Moor Lane FP, Staines

The RAIB have issued their report into the pedestrian fatality at Moor Lane footpath crossing in April 2008. Mrs Theresa Mansell was killed after falling on the crossing and being struck by a passenger train.

They identified that Mrs Mansell did not stop to check that the line was clear before crossing. When she tried to turn and go back, she slipped on the timber crossing surface, which was described in the report as 'treacherous', and she was stranded in front of the oncoming train.

In their report, the RAIB noted that a non-slip surface to the crossing had been
considered by Railtrack in 1996 and requested by Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate (HMRI) in 2005. It further noted that the risk assessment processes operated for footpath crossings by Railtrack and more recently by Network Rail did not identify the risk of slipping on a timber surface, and as a result a non-slip surface was not provided at the crossing.

Network Rail have since applied a non-slip surface at Moor Lane and repainted white lines along the edges of the crossing.

RAIB report: http://bit.ly/raib_moor_lane_2


A driver has been prosecuted for driving over a user worked crossing without telephoning for permission to cross.

Nigel Buckingham, 56, drove across the Lowestoft to Ipswich railway track near Darsham into the path of an oncoming train. The train driver had to apply the emergency brake to slow the train, which stopped on the crossing moments after the car had passed.

Buckingham was fined a total of £230.

EDP24: http://bit.ly/darsham

Monday, December 22, 2008

INCIDENT: Sandfields OC, Devon 20.12.08

A passenger train struck the rear of a road vehicle at an open crossing in Devon. The type of road vehicle and the state of the driver is not known. There were no injuries reported on the train, which did not derail.

Photo (c) Johnathan Billinger at Geograph

Thursday, December 18, 2008

INCIDENT: Crescent Road AHB Southport 13/12/08

A woman may be charged with careless driving, endangering public safety and obstructing the railway after making a wrong turn at a level crossing and driving onto the rails.

She is believed to have turned too early at the AHB crossing in Crescent Road, Birkdale, believing it was the road running parallel to the track. Instead, she drove away from the crossing and onto to the tracks, her car eventually getting stuck.

The driver left her car and walked over live rails to return to the crossing where she called the signalman on the emergency telephone. An approaching train was subsequently halted.

Reports suggest that similar errors have been made in the past as the crossingis adjacent to a crossroad junction.

Southport Visitor: http://bit.ly/birkdale

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PROSECUTION: Barrow Haven UWC, Lincolnshire

A motorist has been found guilty of obstructing a railway by wilfully neglecting to obey a stop, look and listen sign. Ian Wathen drove through an already-open gate at the Barrow Haven UWC on West Marsh Road and his trailer, carrying a boat, was hit by a passenger train.

Mr Wathern told the court that his view of the track had been obscured by foliage and that pedestrians on the far side of the crossing had indicated for him to cross as they held a gate open. Only when his vehicle was on the tracks did he see the oncoming train, which collided with the boat and trailer.

Wathen was released on bail until sentencing in the new year.

This Is Scunthorpe: http://bit.ly/westmarshlane

Photo (c) David Wright on geograph

Friday, December 12, 2008

INCIDENT: Cosham CCTV, Hampshire 11/12/08

A van collided with the barriers of a CCTV crossing after allegedly attempting to dodge around them.

Diversions were put in place around Cosham whilst Network Rail repaired the damage.

No arrests were made and no injuries reported.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

INCIDENT: Winchelsea AOCL, East Sussex 04.12.08

A passenger train collided with a car on an AOCL next to Winchelsea station.

Two occupants in the car were injured when the 4.30 Ashford to Brighton service clipped the front of their Ford Fiesta. No injuries were reported on the train, which did not derail.

Hastings Observer: http://bit.ly/winchelsea

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

INCIDENT: Bayles & Wylies (Moor Lane) FP, Nottinghamshire 22.11.08

A woman and her grandson were killed after being struck by a passenger train on Moor Lane footpath crossing, Bestwood, Nottingham.

Jean Hoggart and Mikey Dawson were hit by the 17.45 Worksop to Nottingham service. No injuries were reported on the train, which did not derail. The gated crossing, which is protected by whistle boards, is said by Network Rail to be in 'good condition'.

Local MP Paddy Tipping said there had also been a long-running campaign to improve lighting at the crossing. County councillor Chris Baron has been campaigning to improve safety at local crossings, including Moor Lane, for over a decade. He claims the lighting and signage are inadequate.

The RAIB have launched an investigation.

Photo (c) BBC News

BBC News:

This Is Nottingham:
http://bit.ly/bestwood_1, http://bit.ly/bestwood_2, http://bit.ly/bestwood_3