Monday, January 29, 2007

INCIDENT: Chichester Basin Road January 11th 2007

Severe delays were caused when descending barriers struck a double decker bus on Chichester Basin Road crossing.

Allegations have been made that the bus driver ignored red lights and drove onto the crossing, the exit of which was blocked by another bus.

Chichester Today:


A local resident claims that he saw children lifting the barrier at Wem station to cross the line whilst a train was in the station.

Shropshire Star:

INCIDENT: Wokingham MCB 24/01/07

A teenager died after reportedly jumping the barrier at Wokingham MCB crossing and being hit by a passing train.

BBC News:

Comment - Just over a year since the Elsenham double fatality, now another teenager killed by crossing against warning lights to catch a train and being hit by another travelling in the opposite direction. Amongst all the warm words for a 'talented and gifted' teenager - who, lest we forget, knowingly jumped a barrier to cross the line - I don't see many for the train driver involved...

INCIDENT: Ballast Hole FP, near Lincoln 25/01/07

A woman was stuck and killed at the Ballast Hole footpath crossing near Lincoln.

The RAIB have launched an investigation.

BBC News:

Thursday, January 04, 2007

INCIDENT: Dingwall Middle (Newton Road) AOCL, 02/01/07

A car and train collided on an automatic open crossing in Dingwall, Scotland.

No casualties were reported and the train suffered only light damage.

The crossing has been identified by Network Rail as one of the top ten most abused crossings in Scotland. It has both a high level of near misses and collisions. 'Red light' cameras were installed in 2000 to monitor drivers who run the lights but prosecutions are said to have fallen since a Network Rail-funded enforcement team was scrapped in 2005.

BBC News:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

INCIDENT: Paggett FC, Near Angmering, West Sussex 01/01/2007

A teenager was struck by a train and killed at a footpath crossing near Angmering in West Sussex.

Adam Blackwood was reported to have been at the crossing with a group of friends. British Transport Police are investigating reports that some members of the group may have been playing 'chicken'.

The crossing has a history of misuse with incidents including items been thrown at trains or placed on the line.

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