Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PROSECUTION: Barrow Haven UWC, Lincolnshire

A motorist has been found guilty of obstructing a railway by wilfully neglecting to obey a stop, look and listen sign. Ian Wathen drove through an already-open gate at the Barrow Haven UWC on West Marsh Road and his trailer, carrying a boat, was hit by a passenger train.

Mr Wathern told the court that his view of the track had been obscured by foliage and that pedestrians on the far side of the crossing had indicated for him to cross as they held a gate open. Only when his vehicle was on the tracks did he see the oncoming train, which collided with the boat and trailer.

Wathen was released on bail until sentencing in the new year.

This Is Scunthorpe: http://bit.ly/westmarshlane

Photo (c) David Wright on geograph


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