Tuesday, December 23, 2008

REPORT: Moor Lane FP, Staines

The RAIB have issued their report into the pedestrian fatality at Moor Lane footpath crossing in April 2008. Mrs Theresa Mansell was killed after falling on the crossing and being struck by a passenger train.

They identified that Mrs Mansell did not stop to check that the line was clear before crossing. When she tried to turn and go back, she slipped on the timber crossing surface, which was described in the report as 'treacherous', and she was stranded in front of the oncoming train.

In their report, the RAIB noted that a non-slip surface to the crossing had been
considered by Railtrack in 1996 and requested by Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate (HMRI) in 2005. It further noted that the risk assessment processes operated for footpath crossings by Railtrack and more recently by Network Rail did not identify the risk of slipping on a timber surface, and as a result a non-slip surface was not provided at the crossing.

Network Rail have since applied a non-slip surface at Moor Lane and repainted white lines along the edges of the crossing.

RAIB report: http://bit.ly/raib_moor_lane_2


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