Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MISUSE: Scotland

The ongoing Network Rail campaign has identified the top three misused crossings in Scotland.

No surprises here; Cornton, Kirknewton and Carnoustie all have long records of misuse and near misses by both vehicles and pedestrians.
Carnoustie Manual Controlled Barrier crossing in particular often hits the headlines - it was the most misused protected-barrier crossing in Scotland between 1998 and 2005 (source: RSSB Level Crossing Safety Performance report June 2006)

Carnoustie Community Council reports that the crosssing is now covered by CCTV and all offending motorists are reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Councillor Peter Murphy is appalled that Carnoustie should find itself in this position "due to what is fundamentally bad driving"

Courier news report:
Near misses in 2004:
Near misses in 2005:

Misuse at Cornton crossing increased through 2005 despite the presence of a CCTV camera to spot drivers running the red light:
BBC News:

Kirknewton AHB was one of the first crossings in the UK to have 'red light' cameras installed after a long history of misuse. It was the scene of a fatal incident involving a vehicle in 2004 and a serious incident in 2005 involving a pedestrian.

Edinburgh Evening News:
First LC CCTV policing cameras installed in Scotland
2004 incident, BBC News:
2005 incident: Edinburgh Evening News:
BBC News:

Carnoustie, Courier
Cornton, BBC News
Kirknewton, Evening News


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