Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Continuing the regional focus of Network Rail's current campaign, Carnaby AHB in East Yorkshire is identified as another heavily misused crossing.

Between April 2005-2006 over three hundred drivers were prosecuted for running the red light at the crossing.

A history of misuse at the crossing led to the installation of CCTV 'red light' cameras. The speed limit on the approach to the crossing was also lowered from 60mph to 40mph.

BBC News:

Bridlington Today:

BBC News August 05:

Photograph: BBC News

Comment - Over three hundred prosecutions for running the red light suggests to me that more needs to be done here. Lowering the speed limit may have had some impact, but as the Bridlington News article shows, that's not enough. The motorcyclist quoted says he was doing 39mph and couldn't stop for the lights.... perhaps he should have slowed on seeing the warning signs and allow himself the chance to react? After all, 40mph is a maximum limit, not a recommended speed.

Would full barriers help? I don't know how much of the abuse/misuse is zigzagging - it seems like its a case of speeding up to get over or still driving too fast to react in time. The crossing is near an industrial estate - are HGVs driving at a speed within the law but too fast to stop in time?

There's been suggestions that the time before the red lights show should be increased. Sounds like an attempt to buy even more time to make the crossing on amber.

Perhaps lowering the speed further would help - 20mph? Rumble strips? Difficult to say what would be effective as I don't know the layout of the area.

One thing is for certain. Fining 300+ drivers a year isn't reducing the risk.


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