Sunday, May 28, 2006

CAMPAIGN: Downham Station crossing abuse

Following a number of near misses, CCTV and British Transport Police patrols were introduced at Downham Market station to reduce the misuse of the station crossing.

Passengers can use a board crossing between platforms, protected by Minature Warning Lights (MWL). In January 2006, four people were spotted using the crossing against the lights in front of moving trains. Services can pass through Downham station at 75mph.

Given the recent double fatality at Elsenham (also a MWL passenger crossing) a campaign of education and enforcement was launched.

This seems to have been a success as only one subsequent dangerous occurence was recorded up to May 2006.

The Fen Line Users Association have called for lockable wicker gates to be used on the crossing or the installation of a footbridge/subway.

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