Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CAMPAIGN: Network Rail "Don't Run The Risk"

Network Rail have launched a nationwide campaign to reduce misuse of level crossings.

The GDP 3 million campaign will use national and local advertising across a variety of media under the tagline 'Level Crossings - Don't Run The Risk'.

Television adverts have already been aired, showing the aftermath of a family car being struck by a train on an AHB crossing. The RSSB recently claimed that misuse by vehicles represents the largest single risk of train accident on the railway.

Elements of the campaign, running from May to September, include;

- televison, radio, cinema and on-line adverts
- national and local press adverts
- direct marketing to the 6000+ property owners with crossings on their land
- leaflet drops to households wihtin a four-mile radius of the top 100 crossing 'blackspots'

Network Rail:


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