Monday, March 20, 2006

INCIDENT: Pegamoid Road FC 17/03/06

A Stanstead Express train hit two sixteen year old boys on a footpath crossing at Pegamoid Road, Edmonton, half a mile from Angel station.

Jamie Yuksel and Voker Hasa died; three other boys fled the scene. All five are alleged to have been running backwards and forwards over the crossing.

The footpath crossing is is the middle of a long length of track reported as having good visibility in both directions. Access to the crossing is via a spring-loaded gate

BBC News:

Enfield Independent - MP calls for crossing closure:

Edmonton Journal - Network Rail defend crossing:


At 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this story is very up-setting and distressing, but i wish that less children would stop playing games with trains. The impact that it has on the families of the children but also the horrible impact it has on the poor train drivers! At the time these children think it is extremly funny and exciting to be doing this but think no further than just impressing their peers which is really silly. I wish that more youngsters would think before they play chicken with these monsters that go at speeds of around 85mph!! Someone really needs to do more to stop this kind of disaster from happening in the future.


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