Thursday, April 03, 2008

INCIDENT: Tackley UWC, Oxfordshire 31.03.08

A woman was killed when she was hit by a high-speed train at a user worked crossing in Oxfordshire.

Margaret Evans was struck by a Dundee to Bournemouth CrossCountry train as she crossed the line at the south end of Tackley station. The RAIB have begun an investigation.

Although planning permission had been granted, residents rejected the building of a subway in 2003 and Network Rail was later unable to buy the land neccessary.

Trains can pass through the station at 90mph. The gated crossing, leading to a farm track, is the only way of crossing between platforms at the station. Tackley Parish Council asked for warning lights to be fitted to the crossing in 2003. However, a Network Rail risk assessment in 2007 found that signage on the proper use of the crossing was adequate protection. Local have reported several near-misses at the site, alleging that the curvature of the track makes it difficult to judge the approach time of express trains.

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