Monday, February 18, 2008

INCIDENT: Spondon MCB CCTV 15th February 2008

Delays to road and rail traffic were the result of a vehicle striking the barriers at an oft-abused crossing in Derbyshire.

Spondon crossing was closed for a significant period in the morning as Network Rail replaced a damaged barrier struck by an encroaching vehicle.

The crossing, close to several industrial plants, has a history of abuse from light-jumpers and tailgating long vehicles.

Network Rail ran a safety awareness campaign at the crossing in late 2007.

Comment: I cross here twice a day and have seen a number of near misses. Slow moving, long vehicles often tailgate across and catch descending barriers. Cars driven too quickly on approach to the crossing - a ninety degree bend in one direction, a humped back bridge in the other - can be seen trying to beat the lights. As a MCB CCTV crossing on a main line, the crossing can remain closed for up to eight minutes at a time.

I'll be highlighting Spondon crossing in the first of a series of special reports later in the year.


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