Thursday, April 17, 2008

INCIDENT: Kinbrace AOC, Sutherland 16th April 2008

A car has collided with a train on an automatic open crossing in Scotland.

Gordon Mackenzie, 33, was driving a Land Rover that was in collision with a Wick to Inverness passenger train. No injuries were reported either to the car driver or to the passengers and crew of the train, which did not derail.

Mr Mackenzie, who lives and works close to the crossing, has been charged with careless driving. He has been reported as saying that the sun was in his eyes and would like to see something done about the speed at which trains traverse the crossing.
Comment: This incident occured days after the sentencing of a driver who collided with a train after running the lights at another Scottish AOC, Delny. Strong sunlight obscuring the drivers view was offered as a mitigating factor in the case. A reduction of train speed over Delny crossing has also been implemented.

Is there now a need for new risk assessments at AOCs? Will sunlight and train speed now be used as mitigation after every AOC collision? Should AOCs be upgraded to AHB as a matter of priority?

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