Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The Rail Accident Investigation Board have issued a report into the fatal accident at Tackley station crossing in 2008. Margaret Evans, 80, of St John’s Road, Tackley, died after being hit by a train at the level crossing. She had been trying to cross the tracks to catch a train to Oxford.

The report identified the immediate cause of the accident as the pedestrian stepping onto the crossing and into the path of the train. Possible causal factors were also identified, namely the pedestrian mistaking a fast train for the stopping service which was due at about the same time, or being unaware of the train’s approach due to an obstruction created by a poorly sited fence.

Recommendations by the RAIB include improvements to the visibility at the crossing as well as investigation into the practicality of installing miniature warning lights at the location.

Both the incident summary and full investigation report can be found here.


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