Thursday, October 23, 2008

NEAR MISS: Llanbadarn ABCL, Wales 21.10.08

The Rail Accident Investigation Board is examining how a passenger train passed over a crossing where the barriers were raised, nearly colliding with a gas tanker.

A Birmingham to Aberystwyth train allegedly passed a red signal light before Llanbadarn ABCL crossing. The crossing was open to road and pedestrian traffic as maitenance work was being carried out at the crossing. A man pushing a pram over the crossing saw the approaching Sprinter train and pulled the pram to safety. Moments later, a gas tanker lorry avoided colliding with the train which had been braking heavily and stopped with its rear unit on the crossing.

There were no reported injuries or damage caused.

A preliminary RAIB examination gave no indication that the condition of the infrastructure, or the driving of the road vehicles, contributed to the accident. They will carry out a full investigation with particular reference to the human factors involved in the operation of this crossing.

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At 8:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this really an MCB? Last time I saw it (a couple of years ago) it was still an ABCL (basically a half barrier crossing with local driver monitoring). I've not heard that it's been upgraded, and all the photos I'ce seen still show it with half barriers.

At 10:57 am, Blogger haddonsman said...

You're right, it's ABCL. I was fed duff info and couldn't tell from the photos. Thanks for the correction.

So... if it's ABCL, I take it the RAIB will be looking into whether the driver's white light was operating correctly...


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